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Artists' Retreat

Timothy and Christine Easton and their two daughters, moved to Bedfield Hall in 1982.    All of them are practising artists. They started with several studios within the house until a new purpose-build studio was constructed outside.

As the rooms were vacated they began the process of rediscovering many hidden decorative features. After uncovering paint layers from ceilings, hearths and painted walls that had been obscured for centuries, these revealed unique features and the changing taste in early-17th century decoration. Both had a professional interest in conservation and Timothy has written many articles on Historic buildings.

Much of Timothy’s inspiration  has come from painting the views seen through the distinctive windows and around the garden they made together over 40 years. These are well known through books, editioned prints and cards.

Timothy Interview with Radio Suffolk


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What our Clients have to say

Your kindly welcome and relaxed attention gave us a restful stay and it was good to share your enthusiasm for your ancient abode. 

Mr and Mrs S , Melton Mowbray

July 2021

We thoroughly enjoyed a few days here to refresh ourselves after a year such as we’ve had.

A delightful and peaceful country home and garden with an amiable and informative host.

Mr and Mrs B, Tunbridge Wells

June 2021

Our stay here at the hall has been extremely enjoyable, comfortable and very interesting.

Our knowledgeable host has extended a friendly and joyful welcome - not only in terms of generous hospitality but also in explaining the history and development of the building.

Mr and Mrs A, Alton Hants

August 2021

Enthusiastic, entertaining and jovial host - Most impressed with his attention to detail and kindness

Mr G G London

August 2021

There’s something evocative and atmospheric about the place that makes you feel you’ve travelled much farther than two hours from London.The garden has surprises of beauty at every turn. 

We also had a lovely easy walk around the farmlands.


Mr L A London

September 2021

We had a wonderful time here in Bedfield Hall, learning from Timothy, whose store of knowledge about history, architecture and magic is enormous and entertaining.

Mrs Y S, London

September 2021

It has been wonderful to stay in such a beautiful and fascinating old hall, so lovingly restored. It feels like stepping back in time, but with modern comforts unobtrusively included.

Timothy, you have been a delightful host, treating us to your historical knowledge, sharing your living museum of a house and making us feel like friends.

It has been a truly remarkable stay and I’d recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much 

D&J, Leicester

September 2021

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