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Rooms of Character and Comfort

Elegance and Comfort


General Information:

We do expect guests to be back by 1.00 am as we do not give out door keys.  If you are going to an event, please bear this in mind before making your reservation.

Please note your room will not be serviced during the stay, but adequate towels etc will be provided.

Due to the age of the house we do not have en-suite bathrooms but each room has its own dedicated bathroom.


This is the Parlour Chamber built in 1630.  This became the principal bed chamber and went through extensive modifications as it was being built. An interconnecting central doorway, now behind the bed, was blocked off by the builders and the corner portal was added to give greater privacy between this chamber and the grey painted chamber behind this room. The portal also cut down on any draughts from the new stair in the lobby outside. Mrs Julian Acton, the lady responsible for these and other changes, was the wealthy widow of an Ipswich Portman. She lived here with her daughters for 20 years until 1640.There is a fine ornamental plaster ceiling, it has its original oak floor boards and the wall decoration and fireplace were decorated just after this was built. The small room leading off one corner is the original closet and still in use. Windows along the East wall mean that you wake up in filtered dawn sunlight coming through the ancient glass. The South window has views over open country. The comfortable bed is King size.


This is the Hall chamber with structural features from the early Hall built in 1422 and modernised in 1630 with a painted hearth of that time. This room was restyled either for or by the wealthy widow of Ipswich, Mrs Julian Acton. She had a 20 year old chimney taken down and moved sideways; a very expensive undertaking in 1630. This may have been to create extra fireplaces on the upper floor as this was done at the lowest time of the little ice age, when temperatures plummeted and the Thames froze over. No doubt the widest part of the moat, seen out of the front window, would have been frozen for months. When we came her in the 1980s it was guaranteed to freeze and we all skated on it for the first10 years. A painting commemorating this time hangs in the room.  It has south-facing views over the moat with the oriental-style bridge, taking you out to paths leading to the adjacent historic Church and away into the distance. This has a most comfortable King-sized bed. 


The kitchen chamber was newly built by Thomas Dunston in 1620 as part of his west wing.This was his personal bedchamber at two distinct times in his long life. It gets its historic name from his ‘new’ Kitchen below. It is an early example of the more simple classically-inspired decoration with painted fictive columns and has a unique painted fireplace. The oak floor is original as is the partly painted ceiling
Two original beautifully painted single beds from the mid 19th century with heraldic crests on each, have bespoke mattresses made for each, assuring each guest a comfortable night’s sleep. Both the south and East windows give inspiring glimpses toward the church, moat and distant views.

There are uninterrupted views across open fields, so you can just see the far white house in the distance about a mile away.


We are looking forward to receiving guests again.  However, like all other businesses, for your peace of mind we are having to make changes.  Please read the following before booking:

We will take a minimum of a two night booking only

We will be emailing a registration form for completion prior to your stay so that you will not need to do this upon arrival

Although we only have three guest bedrooms, we would ask our guests to maintain a two metre distance, as recommended at the time of writing, from anyone not from their household.

When entering, we would ask you to immediately use the hand sanitiser provided. 

Guests are encouraged to use their own PPE if they usually use them.

To avoid cross contamination, your rooms will not be serviced during your stay.

Our sitting room and drawing room will regrettably be closed.However, we will be offering a free mini tour per couple per stay, but not together unless they are in the same bubble.

All doors to rooms available to guests will have touch key entry and sanitiser will be everywhere 

Services throughout the property will, where necessary be regularly cleaned and sanitised.  Please remember to use the hand sanitiser supplied in your room and most of all wash your hands.

We will remove all decorative cushions, note pads, brochures, magazines etc from the rooms. There are books in the rooms. Can be looked at their own discretion

All consumable items on the tea tray will be removed.  Please let us know which items you will require, such as tea bags, etc. 

Rooms will not be re-occupied within a minimum of one night.

Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the house.

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